Power Plants

DAAS Sp. z o.o. performs works on the premises of coal-fired power plants, biomass incinerators, waste incinerators with energy recovery and other energy facilities. You can meet us at installations all over Europe. In the past, we have worked on projects such as:

Landskrona Power Station (Sweden), Linkoping Power Plant (Sweden), Bilingham biomass incineration plant (Great Britain), Kozienice power plant (Poland), Dublin waste incineration plant (Ireland), Hofor Copenhagen power plant (Denmark) and many more.

Cleaning and painting corrections before picking up or working on active facilities, such as power blocks, are quite a challenge that can only be met by the most experienced companies, such as DAAS Sp. z o.o.

In the field of power installations, we carry out the following areas of work:

  • Complex cleaning of facilities
  • Painting corrections of the main steel constructions
  • Repainting of barriers and ladders
  • Washing the walls of the internal and external power units
  • Cleaning under bridging grids
  • Warning painting
  • Cleaning the inside of the boilers
  • Assembly and dismantling of steel constructions