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DAAS Recruitment is a fast-growing company operating within European Union, specialized in recruitment services and employee selection.

Main services:

Our objective
We are devoted to fully understanding of our clients' needs, providing broad pool of candidates looking for work, and professional tools of screening and selecting candidates.

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Recruitment services:

Career advice:

HR consultancy:

Temporary work:
Recruiting temporary workers and contractors, and sending them overseas to complete temporary assignments directed by various employers; all these in compliance with temporary employment regulations.

International recruitment services:

Before departure, you will be provided with all the information regarding your employment, accommodation and transport. DAAS Recruitment will confirm initial employment conditions in an overseas employment agreement, mentioning period and type of employment, work conditions, remuneration, initial work duties.

After arriving at your destination country, you will sign an employment contract in accordance with conditions presented to you by DAAS Recruitment. We will take care of all the formalities.


Aligning the best people with the available job opportunities, in the shortest time possible, is a primary objective for  DAAS Recruitment. The successful placement of suitable job candidates is facilitated by variety of recruiting tools such as:

DAAS Recruitment  assists with scheduling appointments and negotiations between hiring organizations and candidates, especially at the initial stage of the recruitment process.

DAAS Recruitment draws up the report on the current status of the project providing our clients with the information about:

DAAS Recruitment:

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