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DAAS Group consists of several affiliated entities of the Company DAAS Sp. Ltd., dealing with a variety of services in the field of corrosion protection, painting of steel structures, industrial cleaning as well as a number of other non-standard work at height using rope access techniques.

  • The work performed in accordance with the principles of health and safety, as well as all applicable standards and building regulations, and our staff is building a team of professional, highly trained professionals with extensive knowledge and years of experience necessary to fulfill our orders.
  • We pay particular attention to sound, safe and clean execution of tasks performed by us  as evidenced by not only the number of references, but above all, unwavering trust of our clients who treat us as a reliable business partner. This is confirmed not only the ever-growing recognition of the company on the market, but also long-term contracts with solid counterparties.
  • We employ dozens of industrial rope access specialists with internationally recognized IRATA certified and respected throughout the world.
  • Operate without compromise - the full protection of people, places and processes in the workplace.
  • Height is not for amateurs - our staff are practitioners with experience in extreme climbers, enthusiasts, trained in the international IRATA Featuring specialized equipment that is certified and checked daily. This is a group for special tasks, cooperating with each other like a good basketball team. Everyone knows their place, task and is aware of common purpose.
  • Whether it is a power, offshore drilling, relay, or an industrial plant during production - prepare an operational plan, we select the appropriate safeguards and tools and operate.
  • Challenges to professional rope access - normally no longer about that the work was performed under safe conditions, professionally, neatly and quickly - the challenge is to be invisible, do not hold your other work does not stop the movement of production at the plant.

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