DAAS Basket Hills successes

The beginning of the year was very successful for DAAS Basket Hills Bielsko-Biala!

Supported by our Company, Basketball team won the second place in the plebiscite of the Kronika Beskidzka, for the best team of 2017. In the same ranking, the player, Robert Kozaczka, also awarded on the 12th place of the best Podbeskidzie competitors.
Over the past year, DAAS Basket Hills has given us many reasons to be proud. One of the reasons was the awaited promotion to the 2nd league - the prize, which basketball players have worked very hard for several seasons. Players of the Bielsko-Biala played of 30 matches and they won in 17 of them.
We received thanks from Grzegorz Błotko for cooperation in 2017. We also thank and look forward to the next exciting matches.
The 2018 started with two wins by DAAS Basket Hills Bielsko-Biala. We wish him run of luck on the next matches!

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